Remembrance Day seems a time for reflection and thought.  A time for meditation.  Unfortunately meditations are seldom a part of daily life.  This was not always so.  The Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius wrote a series of thought exercises, titled in fact, Meditations.  Indeed, insofar as I can tell from what I’ve read, meditation has been a part of European tradition for at least couple thousand years. Continue reading

The Zen of Baking Or The Art of Bread

Many cooks don’t like baking.  I am inclined to go so far as to say most don’t.  When questioned most of the cooks and chefs who can’t stand to bake quote a lack of patience.  Baking does indeed require patience.  Personally I find it to be a form of meditation.  Nothing more so than bread.  All bread takes time and the best bread tends to take the most time.  My personal favourite is a French recipe that takes several days.  Appropriately we begin with the starter. Continue reading