Ingredient In Depth: Pineapple

If ever there was an intimidating fruit, it is the pineapple.  I think a lot of people are lost when it comes to this semi-exotic treat.  I keep hearing how they’re hard to pick, difficult to choose and baffling to use as anything other than an offensive weapon.  Fear not gentle traveler, there are answers to be found and paths we can take to greater pineapple understanding.  Anything here can be done with canned pineapple, but fresh is far better. Continue reading


I like pie.  Who doesn’t, really?  Although I have briefly talked about it before, I think it’s time for a more in depth look at my favourite pastry creation.  There is of course the traditional 3-2-1 pie dough, but we’re going to make it just a little better.  Rather than the odd 66% butter we’ll increase it to 70%.  Water we’ll do at 30% and salt, as always, 2%.  Let’s go with the following measurements for our Pie Dough. Continue reading

Blackberries: A Cobbler’s Tale

This is Strawberry Peach, but you get the idea.Blackberry season is almost upon us and I am more than usually excited for it.  I seldom can summon the gumption to harvest most of the other local berries that ripen throughout the summer.  Although I always sample any of the huckleberries, salal berries, thimble berries and salmon berries while hiking the trails in and near my city I never seems to make a point of grabbing enough to really play with them in my kitchen.  Blackberries are different though.  Sometime in the next few weeks there will be a steady flow of blackberry themed goodies flowing through these parts. Continue reading