Angel Food of Blackberries

Blackberry season has sprung up once more.  Late August is when they finally ripen to perfection and this seems to be a damn fine year for them.  Seriously, they’re huge.  Something must be done with them, something delicious.  Like Cake.  Angel food cake specifically.  It’s simple to make, guaranteed to make a splash at parties and with lots of room to add ingenuity.DSCF2619

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Blackberries: A Cobbler’s Tale

This is Strawberry Peach, but you get the idea.Blackberry season is almost upon us and I am more than usually excited for it.  I seldom can summon the gumption to harvest most of the other local berries that ripen throughout the summer.  Although I always sample any of the huckleberries, salal berries, thimble berries and salmon berries while hiking the trails in and near my city I never seems to make a point of grabbing enough to really play with them in my kitchen.  Blackberries are different though.  Sometime in the next few weeks there will be a steady flow of blackberry themed goodies flowing through these parts. Continue reading