Embracing Fall (With the Help of Scotch and Pecans)

Me and Autumn have a tricky relationship.  We don’t always get along.  But the fall season does have a few things going for it.  Some nifty flavours, for example.  And temperatures that mean my lovely wife doesn’t mind when I have the oven cranked all day.  So I guess I can get behind Autumn.  And if the dismal weather and cold get you down, how about pie to brighten your day.  Because pie brightens any day. Continue reading

100 Days of Pie

Yesterday, March 14th, was pi day.  A palindromic pi day, in fact.  So to celebrate and provide myself with a mental challenge I propose 100 Days of Pie.  The idea is to conceptualize and write a brief “menu” style description of a new pie every single day for 100 days.  I plan to avoid overly simple and common pies on their own, but instead to add to them.  Now I am not, for what are hopefully obvious reasons, going to bake a pie each day, though I do plan to make some of them and occasionally provide my readership with a recipe.  Not all of these idea will be good ones, some may turn out to be quite awful in execution.  That’s not the point, though.  No, the point is to train my brain to think better about flavours and combinations.  Besides, I trust my palate enough to say that pretty much all of them will work for the better.  For this there will be an extra post each Wednesday detailing the previous week of pie.  Because today is the first day of this venture, I will of course make a pie for you and get things kicked off properly.  First though a little terminology in crust (the most important part of the pie). Continue reading