Spring Time Ice Cream

Spring has arrived and in Vancouver that means two things.  First is that summer is on the way and second is an entirely unnecessary amount of rain.  But summer, right?  That’s a good thing.  The thing about summer is I still get excited for ice cream trucks.  I even don’t mind the tune they play.  That annoying little ear-worm song that gets stuck in your brain for hours.  You know the one, right?  The one you are possibly hearing in your head right now?  Since we sadly have some time to wait and ice cream is good any season, I think it’s time to make some. Continue reading

Great Brownies that Just Happen to be Gluten Free

Gluten free is a popular form of baking.  Gluten itself has a lot of stigma attached to it, and while some people are certainly sensitive or allergic, I feel this is undeserved in most cases.  But there’s not much can be done about that, so let’s hop on the bandwagon, shall we? Continue reading

Pudding in the Rain

It is a dark and stormy night.  A night for chocolate.  There’s really only one thing that will do it right now.  Something that is guaranteed to knock out any kind of craving you may have.  The trick with chocolate is to know what your getting into.  Chocolate is a lot like coffee.  It’s a bean, it gets roasted and most people like to add a bunch of sugar and milk to it.  It’s an acquired taste, but with good coffee you are best off drinking it black.  Just so with good chocolate.  If it’s good quality and prepared well, pure chocolate is a transcendental experience.  If you can get the good stuff, use it.  If not, then use what you can get.  It will probably end up being the “Starbucks” of chocolate; mediocre quality and the beans will be slightly burned, but so long as you’re adding it to a recipe it wont matter too much.  Most grocery stores have a selection of “Baker’s Chocolate,” which gets the job done, so let’s take a look see. Continue reading