Angel Food of Blackberries

Blackberry season has sprung up once more.  Late August is when they finally ripen to perfection and this seems to be a damn fine year for them.  Seriously, they’re huge.  Something must be done with them, something delicious.  Like Cake.  Angel food cake specifically.  It’s simple to make, guaranteed to make a splash at parties and with lots of room to add ingenuity.DSCF2619

The first step is to gather your blackberries.  If you’re smarter then me, you’ll bring along long sleeves and gloves.  It’s either that or suffer through the stinging thorns, which honestly isn’t that big a deal.  The delicious blackberries make the mild discomfort well worth it.  With no more excuses, it’s time to get going to the blackberry bushes.

After a hard day of berry picking, it may very well be that you don’t much feel like putting a lot of effort into making a fancy dessert.  Luckily it’s Angel Food Cake to the rescue.  We’ll whip that up real quick now.


12 Egg Whites200g Sugar
150g Cake Flour
8g Cornstarch
20g Blackberry Liqueur
1g Salt


Whip up the egg whites and half the sugar until they reach stiff peaks.  As they whip, add the liqueur.  While that’s going on sift the remaining ingredients together then, once the egg mixture is ready fold in the dry ingredients.  Next up, put the batter in a ten inch angel food cake pan and bake at 350° for 35-40 minutes or until the center is springy to the touch.  You could use a non-angel food cake pan if necessary, but the center pylon means it wont sag in the middle.DSCF2637

At this point we could call it done.  Fresh blackberries and whip cream would be a treat, but I think my plan shall involve a little extra twist.  Take as many blackberries as you think you need to cover the cake and add a very generous splash of Creme du Cassis and about five grams of cornstarch.  Whisk to dissolve the cornstarch and bring to a boil to thicken.  Spoon over your slice of cake and top with a generous dollop of whipped cream.  Cheers.DSCF2650

3 thoughts on “Angel Food of Blackberries

  1. The dewberries in Texas usually ripen around the first week of June. It’s one of the things I miss about Houston. Up here near Dallas the dewberries are much more bland, and very hard to find. 🙁

  2. Crystal and I were able to get out picking this last weekend (after our friend’s wedding… You wouldn’t know ’em) and man, what a haul!
    I hope I can get a Blackberry post up this week as well… We’re almost out of time. I’ll recommend your angel food cake recipe. Looks freakin amazing!
    Our local Coastal Black Winery has a Blackberry Dessert Wine that might work with this.

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