100 Days of Pie: The Grand Finale

This is it.  The final installment of my 100 Days of Pie challenge.  It has been fun.  It has been a challenge.  There were times it seemed easy and times it seemed almost impossible.  But I did it so here is the last of the pies, along with a recipe for a pretty special strawberry pie.

Day 92: Many Oyster Quiche
Real oysters and king oyster mushrooms in a breakfast pie.

Day 93: Black Cod Pot Pie
Black cod and potatoes in a puff pastry shell.

Day 94: Fig and Cherry Pie
Fresh figs and cherries in with a whipped cream cheese topping

Day 95: Allium Tart
Caramelized onions and shallots with garlic on a puff pastry base.

Day 96: Lime Ginger Pie
Key lime pie with ginger.

Day 97: Green Tea Custard Pie
Light and refreshing for summer sun.

Day 98: Coconut Lemongrass Pie
Coconut cream pie with lemongrass

Day 99: Pineapple Rum Meringue Pie
Pineapple custard with dark rum and a meringue topping.

Day 100: A Start to Summer Pie
See below.

A Start to Summer Strawberry Pie

8″ Pie Shell (fully blind baked)
100g Sugar
100g Water
20g Blackberry Leaves
600g Fresh Local Strawberries (hulled and halved)
15g Sugar
15g Constarch

1 Vanilla Bean
250ml Whip Cream

Combine the first quantity of sugar and the water.  Add the blackberry leaves and boil until the leaves wilt.  This forms my Special Blackberry Leaf Simple Syrup.  It makes for awesome sorbets, can be brushed on cake layers to make them moist and flavourful and (in this case) make for an excellent enhancement to our berry pie.  The best time to harvest the leaves is when the blackberry bushes are flowering which, wouldn’t you know it is right now and just in time for the local crop of strawberries to be perfectly ripe.  So have at it, and don’t forget your gloves.

Next, combine the second portion of sugar and cornstarch and toss this mixture in with the strawberries.  Add to the simple syrup and boil until thickened.  Pour in to the pie shell and chill until cool.  Finally add contents of the vanilla bean to the whip cream and whip up.  Pipe it around the border of the pie and serve.DSCF2512

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