100 Days of Pie: Week 10

This week’s pies are brought to you by the letter “Cherry”.  I saw some cherries at the market the other day and although they weren’t quite ready, soon they will be ripe and have nevertheless stimulated my imagination.

Day 64: Pepper Cherry Pie
Cherry pie with cracked pink peppers.

Day 65: Cherry Ganache
Cherries and dark chocolate ganache topped with whipped cream.

Day 66: Cherry Lime
Cherries and lime zest in a closed faced pie.

Day 67: Cherry Pecan Pie
Classic pecan pie with candied cherries.

Day 68: Sangria Pie
Fresh cherries, oranges and berries with a splash of sweet red wine in a pie.

Day 69: Hot Ginger Cherry Pie
A hot ginger and cherry pie.  On day 69.  Dirty.

Day 70: Cherry Cassis Pie
Close faced pie with cherries and cassis.

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