A Slice of Life: Pizza

Life has been going well.  Great, in fact.  Happy times call for happy food.  And what can be happier than pizza?  As you’ll see pizza can be a contentious subject, in my estimation because it is so well loved.  The pizza for today will be the very North American version with cheese and lots of toppings.  Now you could buy the frozen pizzas they sell, but those are fairly universally terrible and you’re far better off ordering one for nearly the same price.  But this is me talking, so making your own is always the best option.  The dough is as follows.


250g Bread Flour
50g Whole Wheat flour
10g Honey
5g Salt
10g Instant Yeast
50g Olive Oil (plus more for coating the dough)
150g Warm Water


Mix the ingredients and knead as is usual for bread.  Next up thoroughly coat the dough ball in olive oil.  Both for this and the olive oil in the dough itself it’s important to use good quality olive oil.  Nothing can ruin this dough easier than bad olive oil.  Cover and allow to rise until doubled in size.  Fold the dough and divide in half.  This is a very slack dough, so if it’s slightly sticky just lightly flour your hands and work surface.  Roll your dough as flat as you can in a large circle.  If the gluten is properly formed in your dough then you should be able to roll it thin enough to see the table through the dough.  Fold the edges on themselves for that nice crust and assemble.  I recommend you make your own tomato sauce, of course, but it’s not required.  The second best thing about doing your own pizza (besides the best possible dough) is the complete control over the topping.  I like bacon, wild mushrooms and pineapple on mine.  Yes, pineapple.  That may be the most controversial thing I’ve ever written.DSCF1871

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