A Weighty Issue

I’m not sure why but people seem to think that Medieval Martial Gear is unbelievably heavy.  I mean, I guess it makes a certain kind of sense, the equipment is after all made of metal and metal is heavy.  Armour is heavy enough, though not nearly so much as most might imagine.  You can feel the weight, but they myth that if you fell over in armour you couldn’t stand up again is just that.  Swords though, are not very heavy at all.

Nobody who hasn’t handled  sword seems to believe this.  Even after explanation and evidence some folk refuse to believe that swords are under ten or fifteen pounds.  Here is my heaviest sword:DSCF0805

As you can see it’s a big damn two handed sword.  So how big is it?  Well, let’s find out:DSCF0806

About three and a half pounds.  That’s it.  Most swords are about a pound less.  So you see, swords aren’t nearly as heavy as all that.  If you stop and think about it, anything much heavier would be damn near impossible to wield effectively.


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