Great Brownies that Just Happen to be Gluten Free

Gluten free is a popular form of baking.  Gluten itself has a lot of stigma attached to it, and while some people are certainly sensitive or allergic, I feel this is undeserved in most cases.  But there’s not much can be done about that, so let’s hop on the bandwagon, shall we?

I have three responses to commercial baked goods:

  1. I can make this better at home
  2. How can I make this at home?
  3. This is not worth making at home

It’s for this reason I’ve never attempted gluten free bread.  Despite persistent rumours of its existence, I have yet to have gluten free bread that doesn’t have the texture of sand.  Gluten free baking commonly uses strange and complicated ingredients like xanthan gum.  Good bread has four ingredients, gluten free bread has about ten.  But there is good gluten free baking.  Almost universally that means baking that just happens to be gluten free and uses the natural properties of common ingredients.  So let’s make brownies.


200g 100% Cacao Chocolate
100g Butter
4 eggs
200g Sugar
90g White Chocolate (chopped)
90g 70%-ish Dark Chocolate (finely chopped)
90g Whip Cream


Melt the 100% Cacao with the butter in the microwave on medium setting.  I used to be afraid of melting chocolate in the microwave, but so long as you don’t blast it on full power, it really is the fastest way of doing it.  Next, whip the eggs and sugar to the ribbon stage.  Mix about a quarter of the egg mixture in with the melted chocolate, then fold that mixture in to the rest of the eggs.  Fold in the white chocolate and bake in a brownie pan for about 30 minutes at 350°.  While the brownies are baking we’ll make a ganache topping.  Simply boil the cream and pour over the dark chocolate and fold until the mixture is smooth and glossy.  Spread this over the baked brownies.


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