Speak Softly…

We discussed last week a few reasons why someone would want to carry a weapon.  Mostly I left out the self defence aspect.  There is evidence, much of it anecdotal, that having a weapon is a beneficial in a self defence situation.  I have met people who have told me that simply drawing a knife or firearm was enough to deter the attacker.  There is a danger to this, though.  It is not enough to have the weapon.  It is not enough to be able to draw it quickly and without exposing yourself to attack as you do.  The most important part of carrying a weapon is the willingness to use it. Continue reading

A Knight in this Day

There is nothing in the world to which Nature, wise mistress and benign mother of the universe, with greater genius, and more solicitudinous regard, than for the conservation of one’s self provides him (of which Man is, more so than any other noble creature, demonstrating himself very dear of his safety), as the singular privilege of the hand, with which not only does he go procuring all things necessary for the sustenance of his life, but if he arms himself yet with the sword, noblest instrument of all, protects and defends himself, against any willful assault of inimical force; nonetheless following the strict rule of true valor, and of the art of fencing.
-Ridolfo Capo Ferro da Cagli, 1610

I saw something interesting the other day.  I saw a man not get arrested.  On its own, this isn’t so interesting.  Why, I bet you’ve seen several people not getting arrested today.  What made this interesting is that he was wearing full military camouflage and army boots.  He wore a twelve inch combat knife which, at the time I came around, was in the hands of one of the three police officers who were firmly escorting him off the bus.  Of course I hung around to watch. Continue reading