Forging Ahead, Looking Behind

If you’ll permit me a brief indulgence, I just want to mention that this is the 50th post on this blog.  Huzzah for me.  I wasn’t sure, upon starting, that I would be able to keep it up for this long (insert your own inappropriate comment here), but rest assured I have no intention of stopping now.  The post for today is tangentially related to that particular reflection.  Indeed, reflection is important and thus it befits us to examine and study the past.  To this end practicing traditional arts is a valuable pastime.DSCF1557

This is, of course, part of why I study swordplay and recently I was able to try my hand at a whole new traditional art.  Sword making can be done almost entirely on machine these days.  And yet there remains a dedicated cadre of blacksmiths who still use traditional methods.  I was recently fortunate enough to try my hand at some simple bladesmithing and look forward to my next attempt. Continue reading