Son in Law Cheesecake

Back when I first started teaching myself to cook, when I first lived away from my folks and grew so very sick of pasta I bought a cookbook.  It was a thin little thing called “Quick and Simple Chinese” and I got it at Oscars Art Books for about $4.99.  Contained within was a recipe for something called Son in Law Eggs.  The idea is that a prospective son in law would make these apparently quite complex but actually very simple eggs to impress the parents of his lady love.  For a while now I’ve been toying with the thought of stealing this idea and applying it to dessert.  All I needed was a foolproof dessert that anyone could make with very little actual effort or skill involved.  I think I have it, too.  A simple cheesecake with some fun flavours that really isn’t as hard to make as you might think.  A Son in Law Cake, if you will. Continue reading