100 Days of Pie: Week 6

Oh hey, look at that.  We’re actually a week away from being halfway done.  On with the show!

Day 36: Lemon Ginger Meringue Pie
Spicy lemon meringue pie.

Day 37: Sunrise Pie
Orange and tequila meringue pie

Day 38: Coconut Almond Creampie
Short crust with a coconut almond cream filling.

Day 39: Hazelnut Macchiato
Hazelnut pie with coffee liqueur.

Day 40: Orange Caramel Clove
Caramelized oranges with cloves in a flaky crust.

Day 41: Pecan Coconut Pie
Pecan pie with a toasted coconut short crust.

Day 42: Blackberry and Candied Ginger
Fresh blackberries and candied ginger with a whip cream topping.

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