100 Days of Pie: Week 4

Here we go again.  Almost a month of pies down and just over a quarter of the way done.

Day 22: Caramel Apple Pie
Closed apple pie, flaky crust with caramel drenched apples inside.

Day 23: Peach Rosemary
Open faced with a flaky crust, juicy peaches and a hint of rosemary.

Day 24: Bacon Crust Apple
Bacon apple pie has been done.  BUT, did you know that you can make a pie dough using bacon fat?  Yum.

Day 25: Peach and Sundried Cherries
Fresh peaches and dried cherries in an open faced pie.

Day 26: Coconut Key Lime Cream Pie
Two layered pie, the base layer is a key lime pie and instead of a plain cream topping, we have a coconut cream.

Day 27: Spicy Chocolate Banana
Chocolate banana cream pie, spiced with cayenne and cinnamon

Day 28: Blackbird Pie
Cajun chicken with live blackbirds “baked” inside in the proper medieval tradition.

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