My Grandmother’s Macaroons

Around this time of year I find myself remembering my Grandmother.  It was the cherry blossoms that really drove it home this year.  One of my clearest memories of my Grandma is of her cookies.  I’m reasonably certain that the instant you become a grandmother, you are granted some arcane knowledge in the area of cookie making.  There are no cookies quite like those made by a grandma.  I can’t say for certain that there was always a plate of cookies out when we arrived at her place, but looking back, it sure feels like it.  Shortbread I think was probably what she would have considered her specialty.  Chocolate chip was a common feature as well, but the ones I miss most are her coconut macaroons.  They are not like any coconut macaroons I have ever had.  The macaroons most people consider “proper” are dense and chewy, whereas hers were light, airy and crispy.  For a long, long time I figured hers were the norm.  Truthfully I don’t much care for the usual ones you can get.  It is a great tragedy that the recipe doesn’t seem to have been passed down.  I’ve searched the recipes she had, but it seems that this one in particular has gone.  I can, however do my best to recreate her macaroons to the best of my abilities.  Though I’m not sure I could ever do them justice, there is nothing stopping me from trying.  Macaroons, not to be confused with French Macaron, are a coconut meringue cookie.  This is my attempt at recreating my Grandma’s recipe.


2 Egg Whites
100g Sugar
75g Medium Shredded Coconut (Unsweetened)


Begin whipping the egg whites and gently pour in the sugar.  Whip until the mixture reaches stiff peaks then fold in the coconut.  Spoon into lumps on a baking tray and bake at 300° for about 20 minutes.


One thought on “My Grandmother’s Macaroons

  1. I think she would have considered krumkakes to be her specialty, actually. But these macaroons, are they rubber-chewy like hers? It was the texture that made them so great.

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