100 Days of Pie: Week 3

Here we go with week three.  I’m having fun with this and it’s coming easier as well.  Here’s our third week.

Day 15: Strawberry Basil
Minimally sweet pie, almost a palate cleanser.

Day 16: Parsnip Pie
Similar to a pumpkin pie, parsnip and spices in a flaky crust.

Day 17: Bananas Foster Pie
Banana and pecan pie drenched in rum ans set on fire.

Day 18: Peanut Butter And Jelly Pie
Peanut crust with a berry filling.

Day 19: Yam and Garam Masala
A sweet potato pie variant with yams and spiced with masala.

Day 20: Coconut Ginger Cream Pie
Coconut and candied ginger with fresh mint and dark rum.

Day 21: Pineapple Tarte Tatin
Caramelized pineapple on a puff pastry shell.


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