100 Days of Pie: Week 2

You ever get that feeling like you’ve bitten off more than you can chew?  I got it when I first decide to post twice a week and I’m getting again now.  I lie awake thinking, “why did I decide one hundred pies?  Why not fifty?  Wouldn’t that have been better?”  Fortunately, though, I know how my creative brain works and I know that if I force it I can usually succeed.  I figure that the ability to force creativity is one of the main differences between a professional and a talented amateur.  An amateur waits for inspiration to strike, but people who want to be successful have to be inspired on demand.

So here is my second week in my hundred Days of Pie:

Day 8: Earl Grey Ganache
Earl Grey tea infused ganache in a short crust tart shell.

Day 9: Scotch Pecan
Think Creole with a kilt.  It’s not uncommon to have bourbon in a pecan pie, but how about a healthy splash of good scotch instead?

Day 10: Kahlua Banana
Kahlua fried banana cream pie.

Day 11: Raspberry Lemon Meringue
Lemon and raspberries are a natural match.  So we do them in a meringue pie.

Day 12: Lemon Thyme MeringueSimilar to the above, but a slightly savoury meringue pie.

Day 13: Pinã Colada
Cocount and pineapple cream pie.  Short crust.

Day 14: Cactus Pie
Prickly Pear pie, sweetened with agave syrup and further flavoured with tequila.

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